Web Design: How the Little Things Matter

When you think about web design, it would certainly be understandable if your first thoughts might include bombastic neon images and large adverts. After all, in this day and age of digital marketing, you will pretty much see this everywhere you go on the Internet. However, what’s surprising is this actually is not an example of good web design.

Such in-your-face advertising is meant to catch your attention so that you buy the product or try the service being offered, but it’s mostly a one-time deal. It’s the same thing as grabbing a burger from the local restaurant because you were hungry, and you saw their bright sign or advertising. However, that isn’t what good website design is all about.

Design for comfort, so that your users keep coming back for more

For visitors to even stay long enough that they read and understand the message of your website (or maybe even avail of its services), you need to be able to entice them to stay. This isn’t done with colourful lettering and text bombardment – it’s the exact opposite. Don’t focus on what you want to give them, but rather the overall message of your website. This way, the main landing page only has what it needs to get visitors interested, and nothing more. They’ll feel more comfortable about navigating around your website, where the real content is located.

Less is always more with web design

While some websites have seen successful with more obvious tactics, if you focus on the subtle things instead, you will end up generating more interest overall. It’s similar to how some media products develop cult classic status – sometimes it’s just because they’re seen as relatively obscure. You’ll end up with more loyal supporters overall if you know how to take care of them rather than just having your website blatantly displaying content.

Obvious doesn’t mean forced

Because you want to present an obvious message, you need to be clear about what you have to offer. This can be done in as little as a simple paragraph, so don’t be afraid to take a minimalist approach even on your main page. As a matter of fact, your main page is exactly where you need to be subdued.

It’s understandable that achieving this can be quite difficult, especially if you’re trying to mesh web design with content. There are services out there that can help make your job much easier, such as web design Oxford. With the correct help, you can concentrate on a subtle message, while allowing the professionals to deal with any web design issues, so that you’re sure to get it right the first time around.