Tips for Buying and Maintaining Commercial Catering Equipment

Starting a food business is not easy. There are several things that you will have to prepare before you can finally say that you are ready to open. You also have to consider the safety of the people who will choose to dine at your place. Any negative experience could prevent people from returning to your establishment in the future.

Invest in commercial catering equipment first. This helps you organise everything that needs to be cooked. It also allows you to cook several dishes at once. For a large scale operation, it helps a lot. The problem is that this equipment might be a bit pricey. Here are some tips to get high quality equipment at an affordable cost, and ways to make it last longer.

1. Buy used or reconditioned equipment

There are companies that sell used and reconditioned catering equipment. They come from restaurants that have already closed or those that have decided to upgrade their current catering equipment. As long as it is less than 3 years old, it might be worth buying it.

2. Gas equipment

Gas cooking equipment is better. If there are problems like leaks and other defects, they can be easily detected. You can ask a technician to come over and solve any problems. Just take into consideration the type of gas used. Propane and natural gas are the most common options.

3. Stick with popular brands

Popular brands of commercial catering equipment are known for their quality products. Check online and see the reviews about these brands. As long as there is a guarantee that the equipment will last a good length of time, it should be a good choice.

4. Avoid electric cooking equipment

Choose gas over electric cooking appliances any time. Electric equipment has more moving parts. It is more difficult to clean and maintain, and is also more prone to damage.

5. Maintain the cooking equipment

Once you have invested in the cooking equipment necessary, make sure that you have someone check it every now and then. You can’t afford to wait until there is a major problem before doing anything, as this will probably disrupt your business operations, and will also probably end up costing you more money. Replacement parts may also cost a lot. Having a licensed commercial gas technician come over and see if everything is working well is a good idea. It also prevents problems from escalating. They can be fixed before they get worse.

Check out commercial catering equipment London suppliers sell, if you live in the area. You can also ask for help from experts to determine which equipment would be perfect for your needs.