How to Use Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Product packaging can be used as a marketing tool. This is something many businesses are already aware of. There are many real-world examples of how packaging has been turned into a component of a marketing strategy. Learn about these and consider applying them to your own business.

Product Packaging Convertible into Toys

Certainly, this is not some new or novel idea. Many packaging design companies have already thought of this idea. Some cartons for milk or cereals, have patterns on them that can be cut out to assemble into a toy, a toy truck for example. Others can be turned into a pop-up picture. Some have playing cards or collectible cartoons or superhero cards embedded in them. There are also those that can be converted into a board game.

Valuable/Useful/Interesting Information Printed on Product Packaging

Products can be made more appealing to customers by printing valuable bits of information on the labels or other parts of the product. These can be recipes, trivia, collectable images, or other information deemed interesting for the target customers. Some companies try to take advantage of popular important events or celebrations. They may print information and images related to, for example, a newly released popular movie or TV show.

Product Packaging Used as Scratch Cards, Lottery Tickets, or Other Prize Schemes

There are companies that use their product packaging more aggressively to attract customers. Instead of simply offering information and images, they provide customers chances to win prizes by embedding scratch cards or lottery tickets on their product packaging. Others make customers collect the packaging and redeem it for cash or other forms of prizes.

Product Packaging Designed to Be Reusable or Recyclable

Another brilliant marketing idea is the creation of product packaging that can actually be reused, repurposed, or recycled into a useful implement. Coffee for example can be packed in glass mugs or cups, which can be used later on as everyday mugs or cups after consuming all of the coffee in them. Milk jugs or bottles can be designed to be repurposed as water or condiment containers. Snacks can be packaged in large reusable plastic bottles that buyers are unlikely to simply throw away. There are many ways to design product packaging so that it can be easily used for some other purpose.

All the strategies briefly described above share the same goal of promoting a product or brand even after the product has already been used. Product packaging that has been converted into a toy, a collectable item, or a recycled household item easily becomes a lingering reminder of the product or brand. It serves as a good marketing tool that does not cost much. It’s just important to make sure, though, that the brand name and logo are not easily erased or removed from the product packaging.